Artist’s Statement

The portrayal of nature is predominant in my images, landscape is the main theme in my work, and studio practice reflects my art style as a realistic-impressionist painter. I enjoy sketching and painting outdoors “en plain air”. My artistic journey has been influenced by a continuous exposure to art since childhood, being surrounded by many talents in my family such as artists, musicians and writers. Coming from a picturesque inspiring land, the Island of Crete, Greece, has greatly influenced my love for nature, I have always been attracted by its subtlety and harmony. The awakening of the beauty and splendour of the elements gave me the will and passion to pursue an ever-rewarding study of landscape.

In my work, I seek to capture the mutual duality, confrontation and harmony, between man and nature. I ultimately aspire to find a tranquil corner in the chaos of urban life, such as a garden, a patio with flowering pots, comfortable rattan chairs, or in the lanes of a busy urban street.

Using glazes of pure colour, wet on wet and or dry brush techniques, I try to achieve true or spiritual depictions of the subjects that I paint. Acrylic, Watercolour, Soft Pastel and ink, used separately or as mixed media, are deployed to express inner feelings and personal perceptions in regard to the beauty in Nature, as “see” it. Smooth brash strokes portray the fragile magnificence of Nature and often frame and reflect the serenity of that specific moment. Similarly, bold, textured strokes bring out the ruggedness of a rock beaten by the heavy waves of the sea, will stir the senses.

Winter scenes, an icy pond, sunlight gleaming through bare branches, and joyful play of winter sports have also been captured in my canvases.

The authenticity of my scenes, transmit a specific and truthful existence of place. I often exaggerate my colours in order to further achieve my goal in making a global firm statement of awareness and recognition of the beauty that surrounds us before it disappears by extended developments and technologies.