Artist Statement

A profound influence and inspiration in my life as an artist has been the exposure to art since childhood, surrounded by family of artists, musicians and writers, which gave me the courage and energy to pursue an ever-rewarding study of art. Born on the island of Crete and exposed to nature in all its glory, fury and subtlety, I am able to recognize and appreciate its splendours. This is demonstrated in my work as a realistic painter, where the portrayal of nature is predominant. I enjoy painting outdoors, and weather permitting, I sketch and or paint on site.

I seek to capture the confrontation and harmony between man and nature in my work, ultimately finding a tranquil corner in the chaos of urban life, such as a garden or a patio with flowering pots, comfortable rattan chairs, or the back lanes of a busy urban street. Using glazes of pure colour, wet on wet and dry brush techniques, I try to achieve accurate depictions of the subjects that I paint. Acrylic, Watercolour, soft pastel and ink, used separately or as mixed media, are employed to express inner feelings, moods and over all atmosphere in every painting. Smooth brush strokes portray the fragile magnificence of nature and often frame and reflect the state of mind at that moment. Similarly, bold, textured strokes bring out the ruggedness of a rock beaten by the heavy waves of the sea. Winter scenes, an icy pond, sunlight gleaming through bare branches and joyful play of winter sports have also have been captured on my canvases.

Hard work and continuous practice has brought me to this point of my artistic career. There is a certain amount of frustration inherent in art, but this provides the incentive to work even harder. Participation in juried exhibitions and continuous study with renowned Canadian and American artists has improved my skills and insight as an artist.


Born in Greece, educated in Canada earning a Bachelor Degree in Science at Concordia University, Georgia Priniotakis was drawn to another passion at an early age. Fine arts has always been a part of her life as she works with media such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, charcoal and pastels. Although they tend to be the most challenging to work with, watercolor and pastels have dominated the works of this realistic self-taught artist. She has participated in many juried group and solo exhibitions in places such as Canada, U.S, Europe and Saudi Arabia. She travels regularly with other artists and has given demos and workshops in many locations, including a teaching role at the "House of Artists" in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Georgia has won the first prize of the Caisse Populaire exhibit in 1993 and honorary mentions 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2007. She is an active member and co founder of the Ville St-Laurent Artists Association, Vice President of Artists' Association of Dollard and a signature member of the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada. She has been a member of Independant Artist Organization, Montreal Arts Club, Circle of Artists Painters and Sculptures of Quebec in the past.

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